What adding your property in our catalogue means to you - Marketing plan

Selling a real estate property is not an easy thing for a non-specialist or a non-professional, because nowadays there are new techniques and prospects developed.

We, at REMS-Hellas, count heavily on the quality of our services, as well as on our consistency. Our associates are qualified professional realtors, characterised with high ethics and staidness. Our exceptional technological tools provide us with the proficiency to successfully perform real estate property deals, in a wide spectrum of prices ranges and areas. REMS-Hellas has a powerful system in place in order to promote properties and make them renowned to select interested individuals, which includes:

  • The personal approach of all our clients, nationally and internationally, who have expressed their interest in buying or leasing real estate. They all are immediately notified through e-mail, phone or fax the very same moment a relevant property becomes available in our portfolio, no matter if they reside in Greece or abroad.
  • The inclusion of your real estate complete with analytical description and appropriate photographs, in our website www.rems-hellas.gr, which is an extremely powerful and advanced tool, easy to use and highly effective. With groundbreaking services such as Real Estate Monitoring and Instant Customer Update (My Enquiries), all interested clients are kept constantly informed regarding all newly added properties matching their demands.
  • The proper presentation in the right printed and on line newspapers and magazines that address the suitable public ad hoc. Furthermore the properties of our list are presented in all most popular real estate Greek portals, thus becoming immediately accessible to all potential prospects.

REMS Hellas, by being trustworthy, dependable and professional, is your shield that protects your property from any risk. The individuals brought by us to see your real estate are always accompanied by one of our associates, are of known and verified identity, and have signed a confirmatory realtor order before being shown into your home. Thus, you do not open your door and you do not grant access to total strangers, whose intentions you are unaware of.

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How we operate

  • You can call us, fax us, e-mail us, or complete the special Property Assignment Form for expressing your interest.
  • One of our associates will contact you to set a meeting. Our associate will write down a detailed description of your property, its individual characteristics, and he will take photographs in the most appropriate way, in order to assure the best possible presentation.
  • Because we work and cooperate with our clients openly and frankly, our undertaking and promoting your property for sale or lease will always take place after having your confirmatory realtor order. As soon as we have this order, your property will be included in our portfolio, and it will be the subject of dynamic and effective promotion in accordance with the marketing plan of our company.
  • One of the most important factors that influence the successful outcome in a real estate sale, is setting the right price. In order for us to determine the right price, we take into account the state and the age of your property, the quality of the building in question as well as of the neighbouring ones, the surrounding area, its future potential and so forth. Here we will be your counsellors and advisors. The final decision regarding the price belongs to the seller, and it should be set in such a way, that it would secure a “smooth sale”.
  • Leasing your property is another important endeavour. The lessor-lessee relationship must have longstanding endurance, so the creditworthiness and trustworthiness of the lessee are of paramount importance in order to assure a concordant cooperation. Thus, especially when dealing with home or furnished home leases, we direct all available properties to executives working for companies and organisations with which we have established a long-term relationship of mutual trust. When the lease contract is due to expire, under the condition of your consent, we can redirect your property within the market, aiming at achieving a new lease as soon as possible.

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